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Educational podcast “Besjede o obrazovanju” (Talks on Education) in English

For the listeners who do not understand the Bosnian language, the production of the educational podcast Talks on Education made a transcript of all the podcast episodes in English. The files are named after the names of the guests, so it is easy to find a specific episode, a foreign listener would like to read. You can now read the inspirational conversations on education between the hosts Nedim Krajišnik and Namir Ibrahimović and their amazing guests. Enjoy the interviews with relevant professors, teachers, scientists and read what they have to say about the education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and stay inspired by their stunning revelations, practices, ideas and things they do to make this planet Earth a better place for all of us.

Aleksandar Mastilović

Dženana Husremović

fra Franjo Radman

Franjo Šarčević

Ismar Volić

Jasna Kovačević

Zorica Trikić

Zak Agić

Srđan Dušančić

Sanja Kabil

Nerzuk Ćurak

Jelenom Vranješević

Jasmin Hasanović

15 Oktobra, 2021

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